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Looking for an Alternative to Microsoft® SCOM?

Look No Further Than SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor


Security Information and Event Management
  1. Affordable pricing.  No professional services needed.
  2. Agentless monitoring provides quick comprehensive coverage and low overhead.
  3. Functional dashboards and common sense navigation are standard in SolarWinds SAM.
  4. Breadth of platform coverage, single pane of glass for server, application, network and storage health, extensible monitoring framework for custom applications.
  5. Frequent functional updates.  SAM provides functional releases 2X per year.

Download Log & Event Manager
Fully Functional for 30 Days


“With Systems Center Operation Manager (SCOM), something that should be simple, like alerting us when a server is down or a disk is full, was buried or lost because the product wasn’t communicating with all of the servers, agents were down, or notification had failed…. SAM truly has changed how we work, how we respond to problems, and how we discover problems. No management tool has been able has been able to allow us to manage our environment this quickly or this efficiently.“
-     Jed Krisch, Manager, Technical Services, Carilion Clinic
“With SolarWinds SAM I can keep track of everything in one place.”
-    Steve Borba, Network Security Engineer, Citizens Business Bank

Regular Functional Updates
  Agentless Monitoring
Why pay maintenance if you don’t get regular function updates?  For the last 4 years, SolarWinds has provided one major version release and at least one minor release each year. System Center Operations Manager 2012 released in April 2012; the previous version was named System Center 2007.   The one before that was MOM 2005, and before that it was MOM 2000.
  Monitoring with agents adds another layer of complexity.  An agent is another piece of software that needs to be installed, upgraded and watched.  There are pre-requisites and compatibility issues.  You can get a glance into all the problems with agent-based monitoring by looking at the Microsoft Beanspy readme.  SolarWinds SAM provides agentless monitoring for hundreds of applications.
Out-of-the-box & Customizable Dashboards
  Customizable Reports
SolarWinds provides out of the box dashboards for all of the platforms monitored.  With feedback from thousands of users, SolarWinds has created navigable views to get the user to the root of the problem in very few clicks.  While SCOM 2012 has provided an easier way to create dashboards, customers are still forced to create a view rather than start from a product-provided best practice dashboard.
  To create custom reports with SCOM, users need to have a mastery of the SQL Reporting Services.  SolarWinds provides the ability to create custom reports with the easy to use Report Writer tool.
Breadth of Server & Application Coverage
  Integrated UI for Applications, Networks & Storage
System Center Operations Manager does a good job of providing coverage for Microsoft applications and operating systems and now provides some coverage for Unix, Linux, .NET and J2E.  SolarWinds provides coverage for all those applications too, and provides coverage for many more application and hardware types to include coverage for Citrix XenApp, Oracle, DB2, HP Proliant, Dell PowerEdge, IBM System-X, and VMware ESX/ESXi Host servers.
  SolarWinds’ customers can extend monitoring in the same web console to network devices, network traffic, and storage arrays through native integration of SolarWinds other products, including Network Performance Monitor and its modules and Storage Manager.  SCOM 2012 recently added basic Network Management capabilities.  This new feature, however, lacks support for NetFlow, volume polling, and wireless devices.
Do-It-Yourself Deployment
  Rich, Community Content
SolarWinds’ customers do not need to devote much time at all to deploying and updating monitoring for their environment.  Typically, based on reports in customer surveys, SolarWinds’ customers devote less than 10% of one person’s time to administering the SolarWinds product
  SolarWinds has a BIG IT community, thwack, of over 100k IT pros.   Server & Application Monitor’s interactive web console enables you to browse, download, and share application monitor templates and scripts from directly within the product, making it easy to take advantage of the expertise offered by other community members without worrying about compatibility issues. 
Extend Monitoring to Custom Applications
  License Model
SolarWinds SAM makes it easy to extend out-of-the-box monitors with WMI performance monitors, SNMP monitors, event log monitors, SQL query monitor, process monitors, Windows Service monitors, DNS query monitors, and all-purpose and script monitors.  With SCOM, users must create or purchase a Management Pack from third parties.   In addition, third-party management packs may not be compatible with the latest version of SCOM. 
  The System Center 2012 license includes many components: 8 in all.  Many software components requires many management servers – 7 servers minimum.  For companies that only need-an easy to use monitoring product, System Center 2012 may be too much function and too expensive.  SolarWinds SAM is a fit for purpose product, only providing the features you need for effective monitoring, at a very affordable price.


Take a guided tour of SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor! The Following video outlines SAM and everything it offers.

Interact with a fully-functioning version of Server & Application Monitor without any setup!

Selecting the Right Server & Application
Monitoring Tool